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Waist Support Belt

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AboutWaist Support Belt

This is the first twister I’ve used, but I haven’t been able to put it down since I’ve got it. I usually exercise with it after work while watching shows, off and on in fifteen minute periods. It really does focus the work on the chest and shoulders, which in the past were difficult for me to isolate in my at-home exercise. I was able to see the increase in muscle mass in my chest within a few days and toning of my shoulders. Some things I’ve noticed: when the Twister arrives, the rubber grips have a smokey smell to them that will get on your hands after use. Soap and water fix that or some exercise gloves which would also help with the strain on your palms. They do get sore after a while, also some wrist wraps would be good too. The 30kg was a great starter for me, as someone who isn’t a stranger to fitness but also not consistent with their routines. If it seems too stiff initially, after using the spring does become more smooth in movement. Also with the grips, the inner grip guard would rub the area between my thumb and pointer finger, so I used a knife to carefully cut around it and push the guard to the outer edge of the spring. This way you can adjust your grip closer to the spring for different intensities (watch your wrists though). I also ordered some bicycle handlebar cork to wrap the inner bar portion for a more comfortable grip.

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