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Dolphin Body Massager

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Dolphin Massager

A dolphin massager is a sleek vibrating massager in the shape of a dolphin. These massagers offer strong vibrations that penetrate deep into muscles to alleviate tension and pain. These massagers plug directly into the wall, which means there is no need to replace batteries, and it is always ready to use. Most dolphin massagers also feature speed controls, which allow the user to find a setting that works best for them. Many people like to adjust the speed depending on what muscle group they use the massager on. These massagers are ideal for use on the back, shoulders, neck, and legs. Learning how to use a dolphin massager in each of these areas is a great way for the user to ensure that they get the most out of their massager.

How to Use a Dolphin Massager to Relieve Back Pain

Dolphin massagers are ideal for relieving back pain, even in areas of the back that are typically hard to reach, such as the middle of the back or between the shoulder blades. Unlike many back massagers with short handles, these massagers utilize the tail of the dolphin as a long, thin handle. Because the majority of the vibrations stem from the head of the dolphin, this makes it easy for the user to localize the vibrations on the part of their back that hurts. Start by holding the massager on the sore muscle for about five minutes, and then letting it rest for another five minutes. For those experiencing back pain in more than one spot, switch between spots every five minutes. Repeat as needed until the muscle pain or tension eases.

How to Use a Dolphin Massager to Relieve Shoulder Pain

Relieving shoulder pain using a dolphin massager is slightly different than using it to treat back pain. To start, place the head of the massager on the top of the shoulder. Slowly move the massager downward over the entirety of the muscle. Apply light pressure to help the vibrations penetrate the muscles and relax them. Because shoulder muscles are often quite tough, many people find a higher speed setting works best. Repeat this process for 10 to 15 minutes, and then rest for at least 20 minutes. This allows the muscles to relax and recover from the vibrations, and it also helps ensure that the massager does not get too hot.

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