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Crazy Fitness Massager – Silver

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The use of vibration technology is something that has been around for approximately 200 years and was introduced some time in the late 19th century integrated with chairs. NASA used vibration technology as part of its space program to help prevent astronauts from experiencing muscle atrophy and bone loss.

In modern day society the best vibration plates have found a home in your local gym as a weight loss device. They have been scientifically proven not only to help you lose weight but also help with muscle toning and provide other health benefits.

Unfortunately in the past these vibration machines have been expensive and space consuming and therefore people have only been able to access them at their local gym. Some people have been able to to buy a vibration machine for their home however these machines have been expensive and difficult to install and maintain.

Crazy Fit Vibration Massage Plates provide the perfect solution to this dilemma for the home, their patented plate-massage technology is very affordable, it’s easy to install in your home and very simple to operate and maintain.

The range of products offered by Crazy Fit has grown throughout the years with the first line of products being streamlined units designed to easy fit into the home with simple operation panels.

Over the course of time these vibration machines have developed further and now incorporate speed options, digital timers, sturdy handles, heart rate monitors and far more comfortable plates.

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