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Combo Pack of Chest Pull and Push Up Bars – Black and Silver

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Combo Pack of Chest Pull and Push Up Bars

The chest expander is a piece of exercise equipment that you may remember the mischievous kids from the “Goonies” movie using to tie up Brand. It is a simple piece of equipment consisting of two handles connected by springs that provide resistance. Using the chest expander is sometimes called strand pulling. Although you would expect the chest expander to target the chest muscles, it can also be used to exercise the legs and back as well.
Chest ExerciseYou can use the chest expander to increase the size of your chest muscles. The National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) suggests doing one to three sets of 8 to 12 reps when trying to increase muscle size.
To work the chest muscles you can hold the chest expander in front of your body with one hand holding each end. You should bend your elbows and point them downwards so your arms are close to your ribs. By pressing your arms straight outwards to your sides, you can activate the muscles of your chest, called your pecs. Bending your elbows back down will complete one rep. You can also hold the outward position for 2 to 10 seconds to train the muscles isometrically.
Push Up BarsThe Push-Up Handles can be utilized to target your chest, shoulders, and back muscles. Optimizes chest and triceps development while minimizing hand, wrist, and elbow stress. The ergonomic handles provide less stress on your wrists. Features foam covered hand grips and non-slip plastic end-cap protectors with durable molded plastic bars. The elevated position allows for greater range of motion. Lightweight for easy transport and storage. Push Up Bars are designed to prevent wrist strain and will assist in keeping your hand placement centered and solid through any push-up variation.

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