Baseus GaN2 Lite Quick Charger 4.0 3.0 PD C+U 65W CN Black for Phone & Laptop CCGAN2L-A01


৳ 2,099.00



  • Safe to Use
    Each product is above industry standards, with shells in line with national 3C standards of temperature. Quality assurance, rest assured!
  • Baseus Cooling
    BCT[Baseus cooling technology].
  • The infrared
    resonance effect of radiator surface is excited by nanotechnology to accelerate the rapid heat emission from the radiator surface, so as to effectively improve the heat dissipation efficiency.
  • Baseue Power Split II Charging Technology
    Introduction of Baseus’ self-developed BPS technology, intelligent current adjustmen for output,
    voltage, and power, thus avoiding damage to small current devices and equipment such as
    charging equipment, independent multi-port simultaneous.
  • Optimized CG, Stay Firmly on the Wall Sockets/Power Strips Neither loose nor falling, more stable charging.
  • Multi-protocol Compatibility
    Faster Charge Phones
    Compatible with PD3.0, QC4+, QC3.0, SCP, MTK etc. quick charge protocols. Charge phones, tablets, and Switch more efficiently.
  • 65W PD Laptop
    Chargers for Travel Light
    Do you still take a heavy original charger? This 65W(Max.) PD charger with a small body can fast charge laptops.
  • For Samsung 45W
    Quick Charge
    45W full speed for fast charging Samsung phones.
    Note: Please use 5A E-mark fast charging cable.
  • 65W Blind Insertion
    Dual Port
    Upgraded B PS 11 (Ba seue Power Split 11)
    charging technology realizes fast charging of dual ports.
  • Reduced by 20%
    Truly Small Size
    Compared to similar power chargers, GaN2 Lite quick charger is reduced the length, width and height to occupy little space of power strips and become lighter and more portable.

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