Baseus car travel pillow on the headrest memory foam black (CRTZ01-B01)

Major features:

  • The pillow is filled with a slow-rebound foam (rebound takes 1-3 seconds) which has been designed for NASA.
  • The foam remembers position of your body and adjusts to user’s figure.
  • Outer layer breathes and removes moisture outside.
  • The product has been patented.

৳ 1,375.00



Baseus Floating Car headrest pillow

Are you looking for a pillow which would be perfectly adapted to your body and needs? The comfort of your sleep, rest, work and car driving will be considerably improved when you purchase Baseus headrest pillow. This product assures support and relief to your backbone, helping you forget about discomfort and pain. It is aesthetic and compact – you can take it with you anywhere you like. Even intensive use cannot result in destruction, deformation or pilling. This is thanks to high-quality breathing fabrics (cover) and slow-rebound foam.

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