Automatic Toothpaste Squeezing Device set


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Product details of Automatic Toothpaste Squeezing Device set

  • 1. Make sure the surface you are adhering to is dry and clean. For best adhesion choose a smooth surface such as tile glass or sheetrock.
  • 2. Peel of the adhesive tape backing from the your press2paste toothpaste dispenser to expose the double sided tape.
  • 3. Place the press2paste toothpaste dispenser against the surface and press down firmly.
  • 4. Remove the cap from your toothpaste tube.
  • 5. Slide the press2paste toothpaste dispenser cover back on to the unit.
The hole in the front is elongated so you can see the actual dispensing of the toothpaste and judge how far to stick your toothbrush in, how hard to press, and when to release. 2. Now free up space around your sink and no more toothpaste mess. 3. Just a little push of the toothbrush against the inside lever gives you a perfect amount of toothpaste in only a second. 4. No need to drill any holes, the mounting tape is solid. 5. vac cum to achieve squeezing toothpaste. 6. It’s always such an about in your bathroom every morning. 7. With this toothpaste dispenser that comes together with a tooth brush holder, you will have extra time in the morning for breakfast with your love ones before heading out for another day of the challenge.

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