6pcs Silicone Fresh-keeping Cover Universal Bowl Dish Seal Membrane

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ZIZLY Silicone Stretch Lids for Bowls, Keeping Food Fresh, Reusable, Durable and Expandable to Fit Various Sizes for Bowl Covers, Cups, Canned, Pots and Pans in Dishwasher, Microwave and Freezer


TIP 1 : Find a silicone stretch lid which is smaller than the bowl.

TIP 2 : Cover the bowl and hold one side, then stretch another side to fit the bowl.

TIP 3 : Adjust the lid and make sure it’s sealed.

Package Contains 6 type of Lids as mentioned diameter below

– 2.6″ (Will Stretch To 3.5″),

– 3.7″ (Will Stretch To 5″),

– 4.5″ (Will Stretch To 6″),

– 5.7″(Will Stretch To 8″),

– 6.5″ (Will Stretch To 9″),

– 8.3″ (Will Stretch To 10″)

Good sealing ,Good adsorption

Leak-proof design prevents any liquid from spilling out and creates a closed environment.

Good adsorption avoids air leakage to ensure food fresh.
Good stretch

Silicone lids have enough extensibility making the food cover stretch about one inch.

Good stretch helps the silicone lid remained original shape.
Good Caring tips

Microwave or Oven, because the expanding heat and pressure from container, may result in damage or injury.

Please keep dry to prolong the life of the silicone stretch lids.

Warming tips:

1. Clean lids and keep them dry before the first use and after each use.

2. Clean lids with soap and hot water or put in the dishwasher. Avoid abrasive or force-foam cleaners.

3. Lids can be used in the microwave or oven, but are not suitable for placing on the gas or electricity directly for heating.

4. Wash the lids after cool once heated in the microwave or oven to prolong the service life.

Package Include :

Buy It For Set of 6pc lid : 6 multi size lid cover

Buy It For Set of 12pc lid : Each 6 multi size lid cover are 2 pieces

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6pcs Silicone Fresh-keeping Cover

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